Church Boards

  • Youth

    The Board of Youth is dedicated to producing great programming for the youth of the congregation (from 4th grade through 12th grade). Our goal is to grow these kids closer to Christ through: education and Bible study, fellowship and fun, and volunteer work in the church and surrounding community. Our Board is compromised of an on-staff DCE, Dawn Rupe; a volunteer Chair  of the Youth board, Marj Macomber; and a Youth Board which consists of parents, grandparents, and other adults interested in our youth's spiritual growth. Some of our big activities and projects include a week long volunteering and community giveback retreat in the summer for the senior high, lock-ins, a monthly activity for our 4th, 5th, and 6th graders called Club 456, Sunday morning Bible studies for all ages, Sunday devotions for high schoolers, and our monthly activity.    

  • Christian Education 

  • Evangelism

    Get Connected: It’s hard to build relationships in a new place, but at Christ Our King, you’re always welcome! We invite you to join us and discover what God is doing in your neighborhood. Get connected with friendly people, learn about God’s plan for you, and find your place at Christ Our King! Grow: Come and learn about God’s faithfulness in giving His Son Jesus as the Savior for the world. Scripture reveals that we can be absolutely sure that we are eternally loved by God, eternally forgiven of our sins, and shall conquer death and live with Him forever. All this is ours only by the grace of God and His wondrous action for us! Tell: As a result we look for ways to reach all people with the Good News of Christ Jesus locally and globally. Our church hosts various activities designed to connect with friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors who are seeking Christ. Information about mission work is shared to encourage and prepare ‘senders’ and ‘goers’ for the field. 

  • Communications