a confession of faith

Holy communion

Guests often ask about who is invited to receive Holy Communion at Christ Our King. We wish to follow the guidance of the early church.  Holy Communion is considered a Sacrament, that is, a sacred action which God is doing for those who receive Holy Communion. Because it is God’s action for us, we ask the following of those who wish to commune:

  • That they willingly admit their sin and responsibility, seek God’s forgiveness for them and ask God to give them His Holy Spirit so that their lives may be redirected to following God.
  • That they have been instructed concerning God’s promises regarding Holy Communion specifically that the body and blood of Christ Jesus are genuinely present along with the bread and the wine of Communion. (see 1 Cor. 11)
  • That they whole heartily agree with the teachings of the Scriptures as outlined in the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds. (These statements of faith can be found inside the back cover of the Lutheran Service Book.)

Those who cannot agree with these items are asked to respectfully decline communing. Those who agree with these items are welcome to commune.