Endowment Fund

Established by the members of Christ Our King Lutheran Church in June of 2009. Our Mission “To facilitate Christ Our King Lutheran Church’s mission by promoting effective stewardship of God’s financial treasures” The Endowment Fund is an investment fund set up by an institution in which earnings from the invested capital (principal) are used for special purposes. An endowment fund is funded by donations, gifts and bequests which are tax deductible for donors. In the simplest of terms, it is a trust fund whose income, but not the principal, can be distributed to use them for the mission and ministry of Christ Our King and The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Any Christ Our King program board, committee, internal ministry and any professional church worker student who is an active Christ Our King member and is attending one of our ten Concordia universities may apply. Application forms are available from the church office and the decision about whether to fund a grant request is made by an endowment fund committee. Grant applications are reviewed at our October 15 and April 15 meetings.

Access the Endowment Fund Grant Application HERE