International Friendship Center

Christ Our King, with assistance from POBLO (People of the Book, Lutheran Outreach), has opened an International Friendship Center.  The number of immigrants moving into our area continues to increase.  Many of the immigrants have very little knowledge of Jesus, and others have received terrible misinformation about Him. 


International Friendship Centers provide a safe place for peoples of other cultures to make friendships and learn more about life in the United States.  As they meet with volunteers from Christ Our King, God provides opportunities for them to learn about Jesus their Savior. 


At the present time, our International Friendship Center provides free English as a Second Language instruction. 


Information handouts and posters are available in the Welcome Center and also on our website.  As you notice people of various cultures, you can approach them with a handout flier and say, “If you know of anyone who would like to receive free English instruction, please share this information with them.  Thank you.” 


Please get approval before placing posters at various businesses and work areas.


Volunteers are needed for various opportunities to work with the Center.  Volunteer sheets are available in the Welcome Center and also on our website.  Please pray for the people of various cultures so they may know and trust in Christ Jesus as their Savior, and that God will effectively use our International Friendship Center to reach others with the Good News of Jesus.