Plug Into Prayer

Come Plug Into Prayer with us!  The power of prayer should not be underestimated. The power of prayer is not the result of the person praying.  Rather, the power resides in God, to whom we are praying.

We understand that some prayers might require a personal conversation with Pastor Tom or maybe you wish to have a hospital or home visit by Pastor. Please know that a phone call to Pastor is always an option. You can reach him at the church during normal office hours (734.429.9200) or at his home before or after church hours (734.439.7050). Still fill out the form below to start the Prayer Chain and/or have your prayer on the Prayer Sheet.

Prayer Requests

Personal prayers from the congregation are received via our Plug Into Prayer Centers and thru our online prayer request form. Your prayer will be added to THE CONNECTOR under Weekly Prayer Requests for three weeks, or for more time if indicated. THE CONNECTOR is available for pick up at either of the two Prayer Centers located outside each door to the sanctuary or handed out by the ushers before Sunday services.

If your prayer is time sensitive or confidential, please choose the PRAYER CHAIN option. These prayers will be held in confidence among those on the Prayer Chain and distributed as soon as received. They will not be published in THE CONNECTOR unless you indicate you would like them listed there.

PLEASE NOTE: By submitting a prayer online you are indicating you have obtained permission to share and print names of all persons involved. Please obtain this permission BEFORE submitting a prayer, or word your prayer request without naming individual names.

Join the Prayer Chain

MEMBERS ONLY: To request to join the PRAYER CHAIN and receive time sensitive prayer requests directly to your inbox (preferred) or receive a phone call, click on the link below and fill out the form.

These are the guidelines for this PRAYER CHAIN.  If you agree to adhere to these guidelines, once you send your contact information and your membership with the church is confirmed, you will be added to the CHAIN.