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next steps

You've worshiped at Christ Our King and now you want a deeper connection.   What's the next step?

get to know us

  • SIGN UP for our Weekly Update, an email sent out each Monday
  • JOIN us anytime for worship, Bible studies or other scheduled events
  • FIND US on Facebook
  • QUESTIONS?   Pastor and ushers are always available to talk to you
  • If you prefer, you can contact the church office at 734-429-9200

getting to know  you

Connect to the church by telling us about you and your family.   

Fill out the NEXT STEPS form (located at the Church entrance) where you can tell us what you are interested in OR ​how we can assist you in your faith journey.

QUESTIONS?  734-429-9200

Digging Deeper

  • Attend our New Member Foundations Class to dig deeper into our beliefs
  • JOIN a Bible study to learn more about Jesus and connect with others in the congregation
  • Be part of one of our Ministries.  Find out more HERE.
  • For more information about Becoming a Member see below.

christ our king lutheran

becoming a member

The decision to become a member of a Christian congregation is a serious commitment.  

We do not pressure anyone to join Christ Our King Lutheran Church.  Such a decision should be made prayerfully and under the Holy Spirit's guidance as He leads you and/or your family.  All those wishing to become members, whether through affirmation of faith or confirmation, must attend our New Member Foundation class and request membership to the church.  During this class you will get to know us, as Pastor is able to become familiar with you.   You will get an understanding of what Christ Our King stands for and how the congregation accomplishes its God-given tasks.

For more information on this class email the church office.