Great Commission

The purpose of this site is to provide practical resources for congregations as they encourage and equip their members in the witness opportunities that God provides. God the Holy Spirit has promised that He will work through the proclamation and sharing of Law and Gospel, and it is our prayer that these resources may be tools that He will effectively use.

2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation. We pray that these resources may be helpful in reaching many more people with the Good News of Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Scripture Alone.

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Resources by Topic

Most of these materials may be downloaded at no cost to be adapted for local situations. Resources that are not to be downloaded will be noted along with information where the materials can be obtained. Copyright information is given for these materials and is expected to be honored.  Most of the materials are posted in several formats, such as Word, Publisher and PDF files, in order to be readily accessible.   Please Contact Pastor Don Kirchhoff at

Although the website is open to all Christians, the primary focus is for church leaders of Lutheran congregations. The intent is to provide resources which present Law and Gospel. These resources are carefully examined by fellow Lutheran pastors and other church leaders before being placed on the website. 

  • Seasons

    Since 2012 Christ Our King has designated 5 to 8 Sundays each year as our Great Commission Season. The purpose of these seasons is to highlight the command to make disciples, and to encourage and equip members in their daily witnessing. Under each year, you will find the following (or similar) information:  Theme and Overview,  Season Ideas, Bulletins, Sermons and Bible studies.

    2012 Season: Shining Like Stars:  for resources please click here

    2013 Season: In Me, through Me, God's work is too great to be kept to myself:  For resources please click here

    2014 Season: Made a Disciple to make Disciples :  For resources please click here  

    2015 Season: Make Him Known:  For resources please click here

    2016 Season: Joining Jesus on His Mission.  Everyday Disciples Every Day:  For resources please click here

    2017 Season: God's Messengers through the Ages:  For resources please click here

    2018 Season:  For resources please click here

  • Convocations

    Christ Our King congregation hosted a Great Commission Convocation in 2012 , 2014 & 2016.   The purpose of these Convocations was to provide encouragement and specific guidelines to help congregations in their outreach ministry, and individuals in their personal witnessing opportunities.  

    Information from the Great Commission Convocations hosted by the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod in the 1980’s and 1990’s.   LINK to all Convocation documents

  • Books & AV materials

    This directory includes a variety of recommended Bible studies, activities, programs, which provide proven and effective ways to implement the Great Commission. A brief summary of the resource is included as well as information about ordering, costs, etc.

    If you would like to recommend additional materials, please see the Request for Additional Resources tab for ways to refer them.  Click HERE for documents

  • invitations & Tracts

    This directory includes printed and social media tracts and invitations. Some are designed as presentations of the Gospel. Others are for invitations to special events, such as Christmas and Holy Week services and activities. 

    If you would like to recommend additional materials, please see the Request for Additional Resources tab for ways to refer them.  Click HERE for more information